Nathan Larson & Tom Biller mix new Tigermilk track

Tigermilk releases today new track “Talátur” for new upcoming album “Turi” (2011). The album has a generous number of international collaborations.

Talátur backing vocals is recorded by canadian musician Paul Arnusch (The Faunt, The Whitsundays).

The track was entirely recorded with one mic: a Shure SM57 on Kuky Tala’s homemade studio in La Serena with lots of toys, native and handcraft instruments and some classic gears.

Talátur was mixed by Nathan Larson from swedish-american band “A Camp” (Cardigan’s Nina Persson project) and also a prestigious film music composer (Velvet Goldmine, Storytellin’, Boy’s Don’t Cry, etc). The mixing was made in his New York studio.

The final touches are made in L.A. by known producer Tom Biller (Warpaint, Karen O, Beck, etc) also know for his collaborations in films music with Jon Brion (Magnolia, I (L) Huckabee, Punch Drunk Love, etc).

Soon the track will be available to download at Tigermilk’s official website

By now you can give it a listen via




Nuevo tema de Tigermilk “Talátur” estará disponible hoy en myspace

Tigermilk’s new track “Talátur” will be available today at myspace

Talátur puede ser escuchada en Radio Horizonte

Talátur on Radio Horizonte

Tigermilk Logo

Francisca García, diseñadora gráfica chilena diseño un nuevo logo para Tigermilk que quería compartir con ustedes. Felíz 2011. Kuky.

Francisca Garcia, a chilean graphic designer has made a new Tigermilk logo i wanted to share with you. Happy new year, Kuky.

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LEarning MOre About: LICANCABUR

The word Licancabur is the Castilianization of a Kunza name used by the Atacameño Likan-antay people to refer to the volcano: lican – people, cabur – mountain, thus meaning “Mountain of the People.”

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Estreno miércoles 3 de noviembre de UNA PARTE DE MI VIDA

Estreno oficial de UNA PARTE DE MI VIDA (Dir. Oscar Cárdenas)  en FESTIVAL DE CINE B.

Lugar: Cine Arte Alameda, Stgo.

Fecha: 03 de noviembre 2010

Hora: 19.00- 21.00 hrs.




location: Alonso de Córdova 3780, Vitacura. Santiago, Chile.

LP + EP = $0

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Available x free on


The Atacameños (also called Atacamas or Likan-antay) are a Native American people who inhabited the Andean portion of the Atacama Desert, mainly in what is today Chile’s Antofagasta Region. Their language is known as Kunza.

The most ancient people of the Atacama desert were nomadic hunters that followed herds of wild camelids. Later, the existence of vast herds of camelids and the better knowledge of primitive agricultural methods contributed to the development of a semi-sedentary lifestyle with seasonal movements.[1]

Around 2000-1000 B.C., Atacameño people fully adopted the sedentary culture. At this stage, they had an economy mainly based on llama breeding and maize agriculture.[1]

Between 400 B.C and 100 A.D., Atacameño farming reached a peak in its development, mainly in the oases of Lasana, Chiu-Chiu, Calama, San Pedro de Atacama, Peine, Tilomonte, Toconao.[2]

About 2,000 Atacameño people remain today although none known continue to speak the Kunza language and the language is thought to have been extinct since the 1950s.

Source: Wikipedia.